Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crowdfunding for Movies ~ Become an Armchair Motion Picture Producer

There's No Business Like Show Business

Here is a new one I haven't seen before. A company called The Movie Fund has a site that allows investors to invest in movies and allows filmmakers to get their production funded through crowdfunding.

According to the company:

The Movie Fund works with the leading producers, directors, agents,actors, film companies & distributors in Hollywood and our founding partners have produced films such as Die Hard 2, Lara Croft, Demolition Man and Predator.

A Different Type of Crowdfunding

The business operates similar to Kickstarter in that filmmakers can publisize their upcoming movie projects, and offer incentives to investors. Invesors may even get a speaking role in a movie, along with invitations to premiers and parties.

Potential for Return on Investment

The difference between The Movie Fund and Indie Go-Go or Kickstarter is that the funds become immediately available to the filmmaker in order to keep their motion picture on track. In addition, the investors can actually make a return on their investment.

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