Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cool Tech Stuff from Startups on Indiegogo

Startups raising money on Indiegogo.com are providing a very diverse and interesting group of products. One of the nice features about this crowdfunding service is that if you donate enough, you can be the first person on your block to get one of these cool tech items.

TrackR has created the TrackR bravo in conjunction with the UC Santa Barbara Technology Management Department. This is the thinnest item tracking device ever. Their goal was to raise $20,000, yet they have raised an incredible $319,839, which is 1599% of their goal. Talk about a hot item. And what's amazing is that they still have 30 more days to go in their fundraising.

I am seriously considering getting an Anywhere Fridge. It is a portable, collapsible, solar powered refridgerator-freezer and warmer, all in one. Talk about an incredible money raising success! They had a goal of only raising $1,000 and have so far raised $57,549, with still 24 days to go.

What will they think of next. The CreoPop, the world's first 3-D pen. And what's really interesting is that the ink can come out in different colors in one pen stroke, and ink that glows in the dark, and ink that changes color ased on the temperature.  Still 26 days to go.

 It never ceases to amaze me the incredible and amazing stuff that startups are coming out with.

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