Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Straight Talk for Startups: 100 Insider Rules for Beating the Odds

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If you are an entrepreneur or startuper, you need to read Straight Talk for Startups: 100 Insider Rules for Beating the Odds. The book is written by Randy Komisar and Jantoon Reigersman, both of whom have had extensive startup and venture capital experience.
I have read several books relating to startups, but here is what I like about this one. Straight Talk for Startups has recommendations and advice that you won’t find in other books about running a startup.
Here are some examples.
  • You need two different business plans, not one
  • Why a part time team member may be better than a full time one
  • Why you should NOT provide free lunches to your employees
  • Avoid venture debt
  • If you are looking to be acquired, choose your acquirer, don’t let acquirers choose you.
  • A small board of directors is better than a big board
The authors even provide a sample board meeting agenda.
The book is a well-written, easy read, with every short chapter, each a couple pages long, representing a rule you should follow. There are actually 101 rules in this book, and I believe the last one, covered in the Epilogue is probably the most important.
Whether you are thinking of starting a startup, have recently started a startup, or you are at the point of bringing your startup to a new level, I highly recommend Straight Talk for Startups.

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