Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Even More Second Best Ideas for a Startup

If you missed my articles recently on my Second Best Ideas for a Startup, you should check them out here and here. These are startup ideas that I thought of that I'm not pursuing myself for various reasons. Hopefully, you will take one of these ideas and run with it.

Spray Paint Reflector

Graffiti is a major problem throughout the United States. If there was some substance that could prevent spray paint from sticking, it would really sell. Governments and commercial properties would be huge buyers of such a product. This would be something that would be sprayed on walls, and would be clear. If the wall was spray painted with this protection covering it, it would wash off with water or wipe off with a rag. Any science nerds out there that could come up with this?

Earthquake Detector

On the news on a local TV station, they reported that an earthquake detector could be made by anyone for around $100, and could warn people ahead of time about an upcoming quake. How about someone mass producing these and selling them for $19.95? Even better yet, how about an earthquake detector app? An Apple iPhone earthquake detection app would sell like hotcakes in California.

No Calorie Chocolate

Obviously, obesity is a major problem in America. Most people like and eat chocolate. So how about chocolate without or with very few calories. This is what would be needed to make this successful:

  • No weird chemical sweeteners
  • Needs to taste exactly like chocolate (I know carob is sometimes considered a substitute, but not an exact match in taste)
  • Needs to look exactly like what chocolate looks like
  • The cost (and price) needs to be reasonable

So how about it? Think any of these ideas that can make you millions?

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